YAAPA in 2023...

Summary of the year 2023: YAAPA highlights

2023 was an eventful year for YAAPA, marked by a series of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting its mission and strengthening its ties to the community. Here is a summary of the highlights that marked this exceptional year.

1. YAFA (Youth Aviation Forum for Africa) 2023 : At the beginning of the year, on the occasion of the youth festival, the association organizes a forum to raise awareness among young people about the opportunities and development of the aerospace sector in the presence of professionals and trade experts with the aim of creating a platform for exchange. between young people and professionals.

2. The International Aeronautics and Space Exhibition – Paris Air Show : This year was marked by the association's participation in one of the largest aeronautics shows in the world, which is a great first for an African association.

3. Volunteer Program : The association launched a volunteer program which allowed its members to become actively involved in concrete actions in favor of youth.

4. Girls in Aviation DAY : The association organized a seminar to promote careers in the airline sector, particularly for young girls, under the theme : « Let’s feminize the airline professions » in a high school in Western Cameroon.

5. Strategic partnerships : During the year, the association established strategic partnerships with other organizations like AirEmploi sharing the same values, which made it possible to expand its network and increase its impact.

6. Conferences and webinars : The association organized a webinar in partnership with AirEmploi on the orientation of young people towards careers in aviation, thus offering a platform for exchange and sharing of knowledge for its members and young people as a whole.

7. Charity events : At the end of each year, the association distributes basic necessities and school materials in remote areas of its country in order to pursue its vision.

In summary, 2023 has been a dynamic year for YAAPA, marked by a series of inspiring initiatives and significant successes. These strong moments not only strengthened the association's position as a key player in the aviation sector, but also helped to consolidate its links with its community and strengthen its positive impact.