Aeronautics, a world of adventure, innovation and infinite possibilities. The YAAP’Orient Orientation Program invites young people to take flight in the exciting world of aeronautics to explore, learn and embrace a future full of possibilities and opportunities.

About the Program

This program is designed to guide young enthusiasts, from curious students to intrepid dreamers, into the fascinating world of aeronautics. Whether you aspire to soar the skies, design revolutionary aircraft, or manage airport operations, this program provides a platform to explore, learn, and inspire.

Program Objectives

  • Explore Career Opportunities : This program opens the door to exciting career opportunities, presenting the different facets of aeronautics, from pilots to engineers, from air traffic controllers to maintenance experts, including technological innovations.

  • Privileged Meetings : Meeting with seasoned industry professionals who will share their experiences, challenges and advice for success in the field.

  • Practical Experience : The creation of aeronautics clubs in different high schools and colleges which will have a practical immersion through airport visits, flight simulations and interactive workshops, for a concrete understanding of the aeronautics professions.

  • Personalized Mentoring : Each participant will benefit from one-on-one mentoring, offering personalized advice for navigating the complex world of aviation.