Aviation for women: Meeting with the engineers of tomorrow

🚀 Rencontre Inspirante avec les Ingénieures de Polytechnique de Yaoundé ! ✈️

A special day dedicated to female engineering students from Polytechnique de Yaoundé (ENSPY), a unique opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of aviation and discuss the integration of women in this dynamic sector.

Today's program :

🛫 Airport visit : Start the day with an exclusive tour of Douala International Airport, where they will go behind the scenes of this essential infrastructure. They will have a direct overview of the different operations that guarantee the smooth running of the airport.

🎙️ Conference on Aviation Professions: Then, take part in an interactive conference with young people from the association who will share their experiences with them. They will talk about the many career opportunities in this sector, from engineering to airport management, including aviation security and technological innovations.

💡 Integration of Girls in Aviation: We will conclude the day with an open discussion on the importance of integrating women in aviation. This will be an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities, and share ideas to encourage more young girls to follow this exciting path.

📅 Date : 22 Juin 2024 📍 Place : Airport International of Douala et Collège Dominique-Salvio