Partnership between YAAPA and AIREMPLOI

Airemploi and YAAPA (Young African Aviation Professional Association) have signed a partnership agreement in order to develop the promotion of 3A professions as well as professional diversity within these sectors.

Webinars to raise awareness and inform the public about careers in the fields of aeronautics and air transport is a key initiative of this partnership between Airemploi and YAAPA.

Both our organizations recognize the importance of raising public awareness of the exciting and diverse career opportunities offered by the aviation industry and air transport.

Webinars are an accessible way to share information and promote these opportunities. They make it possible to reach a wide audience, from students to teachers and parents, and will have the following objectives:

Career guidance for young people : The webinars will specifically target secondary and higher education students, highlighting the main families of professions in the sector, the academic paths and the skills necessary to access them.

Promoting diversity : The webinars will also emphasize the importance of diversity and professional mix in these sectors. By joining forces with Airemploi, YAAPA also becomes a partner of the “Let’s feminize aeronautics professions” approach created by Airemploi. 

Access to experts : The webinars will offer participants the opportunity to interact with Airemploi career advisors, ask questions and obtain advice. This will help remove potential barriers by providing first-hand information and connecting with experienced professionals.